Wireless Real-Time Golf Ball Dispenser Payment System

Range-Express is the latest innovation in electronic ball dispenser management. We currently offer three exceptional versions of the system to cater to your specific needs. Range-Express software will run on multiple computers in your pro-shop, while operating various dispensers. It is a wireless system, which eliminates running cables or wires to the dispenser(s). Range-Express software allows you to be a fully computerized facility with an automated ball dispensing system that handles and tracks Member Cards and PIN Numbers. Our Platinum version seamlessly accepts credit cards right at the ball dispenser using our credit card add on.
Range-Express features accurate and versatile, real-time reporting that allows you to monitor your range use with ease. Range-Express is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Custom Member Cards

We will print your golf course logo or artwork on your Range-Express cards!
Contact your sales representative for more details.

Complete Accountability

With Range-Express, all baskets dispensed from the ball dispenser are accounted for. Whether they are purchased with a member card, token, or our wireless PIN numbers, they are recorded.