Some Of The Range-Express System Features

Quick And Easy Lost Member Card Replacement:
Simply bring the member account up on the screen and swipe a new card. The lost card is immediately disabled, and the member retains his actual balance.No need to worry about a lost list! The lost card has been removed from the system and can no longer be used. A refundable deposit may be charged to the customer in order to recover the cost of the new card.

Point Of Sale Integration
Range-Express is integrated with several major golf industry point of sale systems.
These include IBS, EZLinks, Golf Now, Jonas, Vermont Systems, Club Prophet, Active MaxGalaxy,
Frontline Solutions, Smyth Systems, Chelsea Systems, Global Northstar and TAI Consulting.

All baskets dispensed at the dispenser are accounted for. Even token and cash transactions(with cash acceptance add-on) are recorded in the reports. The extensive reporting features provided in Range-Express will give you an accurate account of all baskets sold, as well as all activity at the dispenser.

Custom Member Cards:
Prepaid member cards are a great way to put your customer's money to work for you and help to ensure a returning customer base. Range-Express member cards are custom printed with your own logos or artwork. You can even have a local business cover the cost of your cards in exchange for using their logo/artwork.

Member Discounts:
Range-Express member cards allow you the flexibility to place a unique member discount on each account. Larger discounts can be used as an incentive for your customers to add more cash to their accounts. Discounted member cards will ensure that your customers keep coming back.

Flexible PIN Numbers:
Range-Express allows you the flexibility of assigning multiple buckets to a single PIN number. You also have the option of specifying a custom expiry date for any PIN at the time of issue. This is a great promotional tool as PIN numbers can be valid for 30 days, 60 days, or whatever date you choose.

Ease Of Use:
Range-Express was designed to be very simple to use. Most users are comfortable with the program within minutes.

Full 1 Year Warranty:
Range-Express is backed with one of the best warranties in the industry!